August 26, 2006


I am chortling today. I don't know why except that I didn't go to the advisory board meeting today. What a relief! That is the stupid meeting I am supposed to attend monthly for my self-help group job. I flaked. Good for me. They treat us like we are retarded there.

Tomorrow I am going to visit Linda, a friend who lives in L.A. We are going to The Soup Plantation a restaurant that has a salad and soup bar. We will swim at her apartment. I haven't seen her since last October. She said she is not going to Big Bear Lake this year because they have been having a lot of fires. My self-help group takes a big trip there every September to stay at a campground in cabins. It is a lot of fun; but I don't think I will be able to go.

The pain was bad yesterday and I only went out to Walgreen's to buy some Naproxen. Later I felt all better and regretted wasting my day away.

I am re-reading a book I have had for years called Hot Chocolate for the Mystical Soul. It is so uplifting. Hearing spirituality told through personal modern experiences is better than reading the bible for me.

Wendy visited me on Thursday afternoon and we chatted for a while. She asked me to come swimming at her apartment this week sometime. I gave her the items I had purchased for one dollar apiece. She took most of them. She will pay me at the beginning of September when we get our Social Security.

I discovered these things called postys you can send online. You get to send a postcard with music and a poem. I got all into that last weekend.

Fardin and I still haven't eaten Indian food yet. He asked me to find a different restaurant because he passed by the one we were supposed to go to and it was empty and he figures maybe it is not that good. I found another one that is closer and where we can get 50% off with a coupon from the entertainment guide.

A group of people including family and friends is going to The Hollywood Bowl to see Willy Nelson next month on the 10th. I had really wanted to go the night they are having him with other people; but this should be fun.

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