August 28, 2006

Slow to Emerge

Yesterday I went to visit my friend Linda in L.A. and it took about 2 hours each way by bus. It was quite worth it as it was better than sitting home and dialing for apartments on craigslist. I begin to feel that that is a futile pastime because there is nothing affordable that is better that what I rent. But my point is that I had a great day. We went to Soup Plantation and her friend Susan joined us. We all will meet again with our friend Andy on the 6th of September at The Hamburger Hamlet in Hollywood. After that we will go to a movie. I think they want to see material girls; but they weren't sure. I am really picky about my movies and I pick peculiar ones; so I don't know if I will stay for the movie.

I am due to go to Sizzeler on Tuesday with the ups and downs club. My mom had asked me to go camping with her at the beginning of that week but I think I better stay here for now.

I decided to make the sizzeler restuarant my last meeting as the facilitator. I think that is better.

I am playing Evenescence on the cd player. I have different music for various moods.

I heard this radio program on KPFK earlier with an author talking about his book called Paranoia and Contentment. It sounds really good and can be bought on His name is John C. Hampsey. He explains that people who are paranoid are more creative. It also discusses the way people condemn those with delusions etc. and he references Joan of Arc and this Greek woman scientist who was later named Saint Catherine who was not actually christian but who was a paegen killed by the priests in 400 a.d. They didn't like her ideas. He thinks that people hate those who think outside of normal standards and these strange and creative people are actually the ones who push society along into newer and better things. He mentioned Virgina Wolff and Neitzche. I think I spelled the names wrong; but you get it. He said that Neitzche went into hysterics when he saw a horse being whipped on the street and he was forced to spend the rest of his life in a locked room. They said he was not a nazi type; but his sister was. I want this book.

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