August 30, 2006


It is a maybe for Will. He will come visit today. I should think of something fun to do.

I am supposed to have Fardin over for coffee soon. I am going to Wendy's apartment to go swimming on Friday. Next Tuesday I am going to go ahead and go "camping" by Santa Barbara. We are going to stay in a cabin. I hope it is cooler there. I am going to invite friends; but don't really expect people to be able to go. Maybe it is just that my friends are comfortable and don't want to venture out.

I am reading The Artist's Way again. It is so good for me. I am doing morning pages. They are three pages of journaling that you do in the morning. I read this book halfway through five years ago and it got me started thinking about a divorce from my ex. It talks about crazy-making people in our lives and how they thwart creativity. We allow those people into our lives because we need a distraction. That is safer than actually having to create. I think that even if I didn't want to do art I would find the book useful because it helps any goal come into fruition by assisting you to clean out your baggage.

I returned the call of someone who wants to interview me for a possible position with a company that helps people with speech, language and learning difficulties. I thought how ironic that they would call me; but I must have sent them my resume. It has been a while since I sent any out. This company teaches people how to deal with auditory processing problems and uses music as a tool for language and learning. I have auditory processing problems and think it is excellent that they have a program for this. Anyway we are playing phone tag.

My meeting last night was kind of zilch. I only had one member and we talked for one hour.

I went thrift shopping with Wendy yesterday and I bought a black suede vest for $5. It zips up. It is a Coldwater Creek item and they are quite expensive. I bought a lacy top for $1 that I can wear underneath the vest. I also found a journal with a silk Chinese cover on it and I bought the Graceland cassette by Paul Simon. My mom had the album when I lived with her and I love it.

I am going to make grits with a poached egg now.

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