September 05, 2006

Trip Cancelled

I want to thank Dr Sykes for writing me. I went to his blog on canal esquizofrenia and left a message in broken Spanish. I enjoyed getting this message and felt I'd travelled around the world when I went to the site. It opened up new possibilities and I want to return to the site and explore it some more.

I didn't go on vacation after all because my mom knows I am not up to it. So she released me from that obligation. I went to the pharmacy today and they didn't have the prescriptions ready for me yet. They said that the dr. from Olive View hasn't called them in yet. So I am trying to connect the two agencies today. I was able to get a refill of Naproxen that I didn't know I had access to from a dr. I had seen in May.

After the pharmacy I went to a thrift store and bought a $5 electric coffee pot so that I don't have to make coffee in the French Press anymore. I have been dumping the old coffee down the drain and that could have messed up my garbage disposal. Duh! Lightbulb. I also found some letterhead with butterflies and Pansies on it.

Tonight I am going to sizzler to eat with my club. My friends are not meeting tomorrow at Hamburger Hamlet. We are rescheduling it for Friday at 12:30.

Tuesday at 11:00 I have an interview at Petco. Maybe just maybe this is something good for me. Maybe I get the job and keep the job this time. Wow that is a novel idea.

I am so thrilled! I just heard Julia Cameron (author of The Artist's Way) speaking on a radio interview and she said her dad was bipolar and her mom was depressive. Julia had a "breakdown" at the age of 46 and she didn't specify a diagnosis but said that she is on medicine and sees a dr. That makes me love her all the more because she has the guts to admit this and hold her head high. She calls herself a sober alcoholic because she wants to remind herself that she is an alcoholic. I'll be honest about the term breakdown. I think that that is a pseudonym. I prefer crash or something else. But then again that is the same as saying a wreck. I am not a wreck but then again I am not a car which is what I think of in a breakdown. There also is no breakdown in communication. Maybe we should re-name the phenomena. A crisis is a beginning. I mean that would be a good start at re-naming it. Maybe we could call it a dramatic climax. You have rising action, climax, and a denoument. The climax could be a tragedy or not; but there is always a transformation of the lead character or characters.

I just heard that California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is planning to veto the legislation to provide universal healthcare in California. He says it is too costly. This is sad because this would probably save the state money as opposed to having to emergency room bills and hospital bills or people here who have no insurance and must postpone getting care until they the illness has become exacerbated. This includes the lax mental health care given to people with no insurance. They use a bandaid and then the person is lost in the meantime. This would (if it passed) become a precedent for the country.

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