September 07, 2006

Today I must wait a while for the plumbers to come again. LOL. I might have to wait until 2p.m. I only laugh because I feel so lame about having them back again. My kitchen is smelly because I haven't been able to use the kitchen sink for two weeks or so. I honestly lost track. It is disgusting.

I am trying to contact an apartment in North Hollywood about affordable housing there. It is a luxury building that hasn't opened yet. Wow, if I could get an apartment there that would be so hot! They have washers and dryers in the apartments. I want to get in come hell or high water.

I went to the dinner meeting at Sizzler and this one man who used to go to our meeting dominated the conversation with vile stories. My stomach was in knots and I didn't want to return to the salad bar for seconds or dessert. He is supposed to return to the meeting next week.

I haven't decided whether or not to attend the poetry group on Saturday or not. I guess I still have time to decide. I am scared that I will rsvp yes and not be able to go due to pain. I put my medications into the system on medline an online medical site and it came back with drug interactions. They say that the NSAIDs or pain pills diminish the effectiveness of the antidepressants and combined increase the likelihood of internal bleeding. I will discuss this with my shrink on Monday.

I want to ask my dr. for a letter stating that I need a companion animal for therapeutic purposes. I think he will write it.

I want to take a long term depressed friend to a place called Color Me Mine where we can make ceramics. I think that will be fun. She said that she is available next Wednesday.

I am going to call Fardin to see if we can have coffee Sunday or some day soon. I don't know if I can go eat Indian food just now as we had discussed because of my finances.

I invited Wendy to eat with a group of friends at Hollywood Hamburger Hamlet tomorrow; but don't know if she will accept the invitation or not yet. She says that she has been busy and tired and it has been so hot that she might not be up to the bus trip. It takes one hour to get there; but it is only one bus. The temperature is supposed to drop to the 80's here tomorrow.

The college I am trying to enroll in says that I may be able to begin in November. I am still waiting for federal financial aid to make the determination of aid I will receive. This college allows you to go at your own pace so you can begin almost any month of the year provided that you apply a couple months in advance.

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