September 10, 2006

Harvest Moon

There was a beautiful harvest moon last night floating above the Hollywood Bowl. It was magnificent. Willie Nelson was awesome. I know so many of the songs he sang. There were all types of people there to hear him. I didn't know that he had such a wide audience. The theater was packed. Willie plays a very old guitar. It looks experienced. I'll be honest though; I was sad. I was so down. I enjoyed it; but felt that the sadness was obvious. Last night Laura my mom's partner told me I'd lost my Texas accent. Sometimes though people hear it.

They came to fix my kitchen last night while I was out. That is a big relief. Today I will do dishes. I had bought a small countertop dishwasher; but since they changed out the faucet head a while back I can't attach the nozzle to connect the water. So I'm back to hand washing. Maybe I'm spoiled.

My mom is going to drive me to Olive View Medical Center tomorrow to get my pills. I am a month behind schedule now due to all this mess. It is a maze to navigate Medi-cal.

I don't think that the single I saw is in the greatest location for me to access businesses and buses that I need. I saw another one in a much better area for the same price. I would love to leave this gang territory.

I saw my friend Kim yesterday and we visited for a few hours. I got to see her daughters who are now 23 and 16. We all watched the movie Are we there yet?. It was kind of funny; but became annoying in places. I think it is meant for a younger audience. She had made a pot roast and we ate that and the chocolate frozen yogurt that I had brought. Kim said the nicest thing about my creative writing. She said that it doesn't hurt anything to submit my work; it might just take the one time and I could achieve success and maybe a lot of money.

I decided to quit the Tuesday night meeting today. I will call my boss and let her know. It is sucking all my energy out of me. Besides they are relocating the office to City of Commerce which I believe is near Long Beach. I would have to travel quite a distance to get there once a month. Even though my boss has been driving me I don't feel the long drive down is worth it. I have one friend who is a member of my club and she has been urging me to keep doing the meeting. I told her to take over and she doesn't feel ready. I hate the pressure to stay in a dysfunctional situation.

I want to see the 3-d version of The Nightmare Before Christmas. It will be at the El Capitan Theater in Hollywood. Some friends want to meet there to see it. The same people invited me to spend Halloween with them at a park where they do special things that day. I don't know what costume to wear. My cousin was already searching for her costume in July. These two friends sing duets together and invited me to come to a concert in December for the holidays. I love that kind of stuff. They usually sing old fashioned stuff. My friend will be singing do re mi soon at a concert. They are in their sixties and like movies like Carousel.

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