September 11, 2006

Meanwhile Back at The Ranch

I will go to Olive View at 1:00 to pick up my meds. It is now 11:00 a.m. I will call and reschedule the visit with my shrink. It is supposed to be at 3:45; but I am not going to make it back in time. My mom's dental appointment was rescheduled so we are leaving later than planned. No big deal I hope. I have enough of my pills to last a week or so.

My good friend who is like a sister is in the hospital again. She said she was having voices which are giving her commands. I wish there was more I could do to get her better health treatment. I am going to ask her if she would rent a room to me so that I can be her support. She has an 11 year old daughter and I could be there for her. She is the friend who had asked if I wanted to purchase a house with her. She is trying to sell her home and buy a different place. She has a four bedroom mobile home and wants a condo or a house. I want to encourage her to buy in a decent area. She has to know that she deserves to be in a safe neighborhood. I am trying to reach my friend through the patient payphone at the hospital. It is often busy. We were supposed to go do ceramics on Wednesday. I will ask her if she would like me to visit her.

So I decided that since it is 9/11; I won't tune in to radio today. I need to avoid all the references and discussions around the topic. It is damaging to focus on that. I will listen only to cds today.

I ordered some stuff off Amazon today. I got a cd of Massive Attack and a cd of Tori Amos. I also got a book called Losing your pounds of pain: Breaking the Link between Abuse, Stress, and Overeating. I want to read it and then give it to a friend. I bought some books for my other friend's 11 yr old daughter on changing emotions and on changing bodies. Those two books are directed at pre-teens and teens.

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