September 17, 2006

Uncomfortably Numb

I have been experiencing numbness in my hands. It began last Tuesday at the dentist. He shot me up with a numbing agent in my gums and then almost immediately half of my right hand went numb. It wore off after a bit and I attributed it to the shot. But then today I was out bargain hunting with my friend and I bought some heavy things and carried the bag for a while. Upon returning to my apartment I noticed that my left middle finger tip was numb. The numbness is persistant. I usually just notice that my wrists shake after I carry something heavy for a block or so. So I am concerned. I wrote my step-mom and will call her tomorrow if she doesn't get the e-mail early. She is a nurse. I hate going to emergency because they will triage me and I will be there all day. They might blow me off.

Posted by Butterfly Emerging at September 17, 2006 04:23 AM


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