October 03, 2006

So anyway

I didn't go do the blood draw today because I awoke at 4 a.m. and I fasted until 6:30 a.m. and felt very dizzy. I said okay maybe it is not such a good idea to take a bus this morning because I could fall. I might pay a friend to drive me to the dr on Thursday or Friday.

I just heard on the radio that Roger Waters is playing at The Hollywood Bowl soon. Really soon. I don't even know if they still have tickets for sale. My friend said she really wants to go. I should call her and see if she wants me to try to buy tickets online today. I had a cassette of his music that I bought in '92 or '93 around the time I was in the hospital. I love that one.

I was remembering when I was in high school and I got to go see U2 in concert at The Coliseum. The Pretenders opened for them. I went with my friend and I was so geechy that I wrote down all the words so that she could sing along too. My mom drove us there. Good old mom. I used to ditch high school some times and take the bus to see concerts. I went to see The Alarm at UCLA. My sister reminded me that I went to see U2 film their video when they performed on top of a building. My memory is not always the best.

So I saw Fardin yesterday and we had coffee and donuts. I went out to buy some starbucks because I was almost out of coffee and I am supposed to supply the coffee. I reccomended that he read this book by Boethius. I read it in a class and it was very good. I looked up the title and I have to give it to him. I think it was The Consolation of Philosophy. I told Fardin that he is doing much better than my second cousin who passed away at 50 or so years of age. My cousin was Schizophrenic and died of diabetes. He lived away most of his life in an institute for mental disease. The medication never really made it possible for him to live independently. That place was a locked facility. So I never met him and it is sad to know that story.

I am smelling the grass cutting outside as they are doing the landscaping. The gardeners come every Tuesday. I love that smell.

I didn't go to the movies with my mom yesterday because she didn't make time to see me. She sounded irritated with me. Maybe it is because I sent her a copy of my latest poem The Rich Cold of the After-Snow. She went camping over the weekend and when she came home I guess she found it in her e-mail. Oh well. Hate the message not the messenger.

I might try to watch Oprah at 3p.m. Sometimes I can't watch it because it is a downer. Sometimes I just don't need to know what goes on. I found this comedian Megan Mulally on NBC at 4pm and I think she is funny.

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