October 05, 2006


I went to see my Optometrist yesterday and he said that I need new glasses. I asked if my eyes were better or worse and he said in a very tactful way that I had answered a little differently to the exam a year and a half ago. So the astigmatism in the left eye increased by two points whatever that means. See (you know this if you have bad eyes)they are very cagey about explaining just how bad your perscription is. They don't want to make you feel bad. I really like this Dr. though and think he is very kind. He noticed that I am having some double vision. He said that for some reason my eyes changed. So the silver lining on the cloud is that I get to get new glasses two months earlier than I was supposed to. I am allowed to get a new pair once a year. But by avoiding ordering them in December I am possibly avoiding the foggy days in California. I know that sounds weird; but the state prisoners make the medi-cal glasses and they refuse to work on foggy days. No kidding. Last year I waited four months to get new glasses because of fog and also possibly because of prison riots. Every time I heard on the radio about the prison riots I would go okay I won't be seeing those glasses for a while. So my new glasses will be similar to these; but will be red. That will match my hair and the rosy color in my face. This dr. has better medi-cal frames that the other ones I have been to. You can get some really geeky frames.

So I got dizzy on my way to the optometrists office and I stopped off to buy a dark chocolate bar. The bus came immediately and I had to wait to eat it unitl I reached the office. I probably looked pissed off. So anyway I ate in in the lobby and one of the receptionists started making a comment about how people don't observe the no eating sign. I just kept munching away and when I finished it I couldn't help but let out a big sigh of relief. I think she felt kind of stupid.

I haven't paid my rent yet and they put a note on my door to remind me. My mom gives me a check to help me make my rent and this time she was late with it because she finally received her retirement check. She has to get it directly deposited. The manager knows I am sick and she is still being a witch about it. So I have to pay a $40 late fee. I will go deposit the money tomorrow.

I got tickets to the Roger Waters concert for Sunday. We are so excited. My friend says that she hasn't been excited about anything for a long time. I took her to see Seal at the bowl and she hated it. She wants to get a look at the band because she wants to see their wrinkles. She doesn't have the internet and I was telling her that Roger's picture on the bowl website is very serious. He didn't smile for the photo. She said he never does and that he hates his fans.

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