October 11, 2006

Clearing The Air

I just wanted to be sure no one misconstrued what I wrote last time. I wasn't actually smoking the weed; but the English guy who came late and squeezed in next to me broke out the bud when he got back with his beer. Bipolar people can't smoke that shit because it hits us funny. I tried it once and it made me want to sleep. I was like okay this is no fun. I know how to fall asleep. So that was it for me. My friend on the other hand; she became psychotic when she smoked it in the past. (Manic) So they wouldn't let her smoke it anymore. Anyway these guys next to us were smoking and she started screaming at them:"Do you want me to get sick?! "Oh, go ahead this IS your living room isn't it? I started choking and they stopped smoking. But by then we were falling asleep. I kept looking at her and her head was dropping. That is how she looks when she falls asleep at the movies. So I told her that we better take a walk. The people on the next row down were doing it too. They were in a row and passing it down taking hits off the same joint. I was disgusted. You can get diseases and stuff. In front of them was this entire family with two kids who were in elementary school and they had all been listening to their ipods. So they were inhaling it too. Oh well.

So today I had to go to the bank to clear up a matter of fraud on my checking account. After I deposited my check at the atm I checked my balance on the receipt and it was low. So I called the bank and they said that someone had written a check for $375 and it had been written out to cash. It managed to clear and I knew that it wasn't mine because I only write checks for the rent. So I did manage to let the eviction notice I received expire after the 5th day and I suspected that it was the plumbers that the management company hired to fix my kitchen sink while I was at the Willy Nelson concert. I figured that maybe the idiot manager of mine let them in and went back to her apartment. I didn't want to approach her about it because she needs an antipsychotic or a mood stabilizer. She always had a mean streak and she went off on my neighbor the other day because she suspected that they had put their personal garbage bag into the laundry waste basket. She was screaming at him and just decided that his family had done it because she said that she had gone through the garbage and found all these juice boxes and bathroom garbage. I was wondering if maybe they are racist. Actually I pretty much know that they are. This woman the manager is married and has two kids. Her husband is an alcoholic and is probably bipolar. He has made a couple of passes at me and is a control freak who likes to boss the tenants around eventhough he is not employed here. Poor kids. The boy is maybe bipolar or autistic and used to scream all the time in the hall. He only recently stopped screaming and has become verbal. His older sister came here recently from Romania and was quite scared of people at first. Now she is quite verbal in English and asks me all kinds of questions. I saw them flourish while their dad was gone for three or four months. I thought he was gone but now he is back. So I finally went to her last night and told her what I suspected had occurred and she denied that it was possible but then came down to my apartment a few minutes later and it seemed to dawn on her that the management company had hired a private plumbing company to do the work. She told me that she would let the company know. So anyway my mom wired me the money so that I could still pay the rent today minus the late fee. I'll be honest. I just didn't have the money to pay the late fee and the bank man kind of looked at me like why in hell would you pay this company a late fee?! So I laughed. He traced Carlo the property management company and the check to the plubing company and discovered that the plumber actually banks at my bank. Is that cool or what? I am so stoked. This guy is going to get justice. I knew when I first met him that he is a rough, scuzzy, druggy type anyway. The way he came into my apartment was pretty rude. He was like oh I'm just in time for tea! He was a complete idiot.

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