May 13, 2007

My coffee's growing cold the roof is getting old...

All right folks I'm running out of titles. Much better today! Despite the fact the my week was rather slow and I stayed home for the better part of three days; I am feeling much happier today. My mom is away on a cruise and is all but moved. I mean her house is not hers anymore and her things have been shipped to Texas to go into storage for a little while. I was really down about it; but now I realize that I haven't been seeing her much for a long while now. I think I will be fine.

I was invited to a mother's day dinner at a church on Friday night. I know I don't have children; but it gave me somewhere to go. Pathetic huh? So it was only for women. The message of the ministry is that unity heals wounds. The mood in the room grew very emotional as different women discussed their relationships with their mothers and of course some were dealing with spending mother's day without their mothers due to the the mother having passed away. I know that time will come for me too.

So that was Friday and Saturday I went to a picnic which was an awards ceremony for the organization I used to work for and which helped me to recover in the past. They had a band from the clubhouse which played classic rock and the blues. It was very good music and they played music I love. I got to talk with some old friends and especially one good friend who I bugged with some stories of events that had been going on during the long period of time I was manic.

Today I am going to a movie with a friend. We are going to see The Ex. Now this ids not a movie that I chose; but it gives me a way to get out of my house today. The other deal fell through. I was supposed to see another friend for thrift shopping but she is dealing with some grief issues with the anniversary of her dad's death. Also her mom hasn't spoken to her in a few years.

I am looking into a program at a local social service agency that gives apprenticeships to study dental assisting. I also would like to volunteer with them. I could pass out clothing and food or whatever they need. At least that would get me out of the house.

Today I am going to make soyrizo with red potatoes. That is a product like chorizo but it doesn't have any meat. It is so good.

I wish I had some really spicy escapade to write about here but I just don't have any news to report. I increased the Lamictal a little earlier than I was supposed to because I couldn't stand the depression. It was only four days early though. So I think the boost is doing me good.

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