June 04, 2007

Let Down: Her Hair

She went off on a tangent
got pissed at her hairdresser
for cutting her hair to cover half her face
and started snipping away
where the hair had overgrown its welcome.

Was it like a trance, a dream?
It became a mission;
she lost track of time and space.
This became strangely apparent
after months of floating around
with hair like a Buddhist nun
and feeling quite sexy all the while.
Was it that someone had snipped
a bit more as she was sleeping?

Exhiliration turned to a sense of loss
as the thought dawned that this was to be
a semi-permanent state
and didn't at all feel attractive.

So she changed lipstick shades,
donned big dangly chandaleir earrings
and tried to feel excited during
each new stage of hair growth.
Maybe soon she thought
her hair would support
a nice delicate jeweled comb;
or maybe after Summer and Fall
she could pin it up again.

So her eyeshadow became more colorful
and her clothes just wouldn't work anymore.
How could all this attire have suited her fancy
before her long trip to make believe?

She could pretend that she lost her hair
due to chemotherapy; but winter is over
and her hats are growing too hot for
the Southern California summer.

She is thankful that after her trip to pergatory
and while walking five feet above earth
she didn't do major disfigurement.

So today she will try not to look in the mirror
because that face just isn't hers
and she will peice together fancy scarves
and broches to cover her plainess.

She stood by and watched as a crumbled statue
taped and glued clumsily
was beginning to float away like a hot air balloon
while people pulled on ropes
attempting to keep it earthbound.
To her this just meant that the
shift in her was a release in attachment
to a journey which had brought both pleasure and pain.

She is the statue.

Posted by Butterfly Emerging at June 4, 2007 09:41 PM


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