June 25, 2007

Non-Adventures in La La Land

I went shopping with a friend yesterday and bought a dress. It is a wrap around dress with paislies. Last night I went with another friend to see comedy improv and it was fun. The comedians ask for your input on phrases or words to help them create skits. They have games they have planned and the suggestions that the audience makes help them to play the game.

I don't know for sure if I will be going into the transitional housing that I have been applying for. I might opt out. I don't like the idea of sharing an apartment with a stranger. Also, I would have to have a card signed weekly to show that I have completed 20 hours of activity per week. They do inspections and keep a watchful eye on you to be sure that your mental health is good. I think that all that supervision is too much for me. I might just stay here a while and get a job.

I found out that a local department store is hiring for dressing room attendant and I might go in Tuesday to apply when they do their interviews. I am worried though that they probably only pay minimum wage. I don't know if it is worth it to work all week and come out with only 200 dollars more per month than I already get.

I am applying for a weekend caregiver position too. It is as a live in on the weekends only. I don't know how much it pays. I am waiting on a phone call from the employer.

Today I washed my linens and swept my apartment. I also moved my chest of drawers out of the closet and put a storage unit up by the kitchen area. My friend gave me the storage unit and it is made of sturdy mesh metal and you put it together with these small clasps that hook the corners together. It feels good to get a few more things done in here. I also put my empty cardboard boxes in my closet. I had a lot of clothes piled up that I had to hang too. So I had a slow day. I made no pudge fudge. You get the mix and add yogurt and stir it. I really shouldn't use the oven in summer because I don't have an air conditioner. I will get one if I choose to stay here.

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