June 30, 2007

Steady as we go

I went thrift shopping on Monday and found a dollar rack. Each item of clothing on the rack was one dollar. I found two pairs of nice pants (one kakhi and the other light brown dress slacks) and a t-shirt with stripes. I bought a pair of black sandals from the same store.

On Tuesday I went to this place called a worksource center where you can get help to find a job. I went in to print my resume and a job application for activity leader working with disabled people. I faxed the resume and the app. on Wednesday. I haven't heard anything from the company yet though so it doesn't really look that great for that position.

I have been communicating by e-mail with the person that needs the caregiver and he is trying to reach me by phone. He checked my references and now he wants to interview me. He couldn't reach me last night because I was on the phone for two and a half hours with a friend.

Yesterday I went to my general practitioner to get a prescription for a cream for my face; but he couldn't prescribe it. He referred me to a dermatologist who I will be seeing on Thursday. It is going to cost me an arm and a leg to buy the face cream; but I have to have it. So I went on a long bus ride for nothing.

A few good things came out of my having gone though. I got to go to one of my favorite thrift stores called "out of the closet" and I found a pair of Steve Madden tennis shoes and a periwinkle colored skirt. The cashier likes me so he gives me a discount. I think I want to go back and talk to him. He has great green eyes and always says "Bye, pretty." I am due back at the GP in two weeks so I can go then.

I am talking to a guy by e-mail and it is going nowhere. I met him on craigslist. I mean how boring can you get? I don't even have a picture of him yet. I don't know how this little deal will turn out. In one letter he wrote me that he was studying history at university and he said that Queen Elizabeth really got around. I won't put the rest of that comment. It is a bit risque maybe.

I think tomorrow I will go see Waitress with a friend and her daughter. I have been wanting to see it.

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