July 10, 2007

Down Low Solo

I have been spending a lot of time alone lately for one reason or another and I am not feeling well. I went to my job interview last Thursday and discovered that this man's house was five miles away from the bus stop and all uphill. So I explained to him that there was no way I could do the job. I have another job interview for this Thursday as some sort of a caregiver or 1:1 for children. I must pass the test and interview first though.

I was invited to a friends house on Sunday to swim; but she didn't call me to confirm so I am a little upset with her. I wound up going shopping for clothes. I was supposed to have had a blind date today; but the guy flaked out. It has been a losing battle lately.

I have a mouse in my apartment and am trying to get rid of it. I got a mousetrap but the little thing is too smart to fall for it I guess.
Disgusting if you ask me. If I had a cat sleep over one night I bet it would be gone.

I want to see the movie Evening next. I considered going today; but I got too damned depressed. SO far I have no plans to go to the Hollywood Bowl. Maybe I will meet someone on this chatline to go with.

Posted by Butterfly Emerging at July 10, 2007 03:31 AM


I hope you don't mind if I comment on your blog...I just saw it on the side bar of the Schizophrenia website, the name intrested me.

Child care can be tedious. I baby-sit alot. Alomst on a daily basis...its hard when your emotions are always in the air. Maybe thats not how it is for you....but yeah.

Do you like to shop? From the few things i've read on here, you seem to.


Posted by: Vian at July 16, 2007 06:36 PM

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