October 23, 2007

October 22, 2007

I had a slow weekend due to the fact that I came down with a bit of a cold.

I met this guy on craigslist and it turned out he only wants a friends with benefits situation. I told him to get lost. I met him two weeks ago and he just told me that.

I got all my paperwork squared away for i.d. purposes for this new job I should start this weekend. When I applied to get a new social security card they neglected to give me a form with my name and social security number on it so I have to go back tomorrow and ask for it. I will fax it over to the headquarters tomorrow afternoon. I signed paperwork to get put into the company payroll and learned about policies etc. I guess I will start training on the first day I work which should be Saturday. They told me that for now I will have 16 hours per week but that if I increase my hours to 30 a week that I can get benefits. I am eligible for more hours if someone is out and they need a sub.

So far what I know about my client is that she has very nice speech and she is very intelligent. She is on dialysis and so is tired a lot. She needs me to cook and clean for her and accompany her to places in the community on Access services which is a transportation service for disabled people here in Los Angeles County. I really feel like this job might be a winning situation.

I joined netflix and will get "Everything is Illuminated" (the movie)
tomorrow. I am excited that the price is very low and I have access to viewing movies on my computer instantly. Those movies that are available for play on the computer are a little more limited however.

My Grandpa is mailing a book to me that a relative wrote during the American Civil War. He said it gets gorey sometimes but that it is a good book.

There are nine days left in the month and I only have $32 left in my checking. I will have to figure out where I need to spend my money. I have money in savings and am trying to save $100 per month. It is so tempting to get into the savings though. I must save towards a new apartment. When I have saved about $2,500 I will be able to afford my deposit and some new furniture. I should be able to save $150 or $200 per month when I am earning some income.

I want to write a poem about me in relation to animals I have known in my lifetime. I have had some terrific experiences with animals over the years. I would love to have a dog or a cat; but I live in a building that doesn't allow them. I have heard that if we get a dr.'s letter we can have a companion animal for a disabled person. I have dreams where I have a pet or I see my pets that have passed away over time. I miss having a pet. We have a stray cat here that just had kittens and we have been instructed not to feed them. I am pretty sure that people are feeding them though.

This week I would really love to get to a museum, the central library and to a park to walk and see the birds.

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