October 15, 2007

Pea Soup

I don't like pea soup; but I kind of like the weather we are having today which is sometimes referred to as pea soup.

Today I am going to cook chicken noodle soup. I stopped on my way home and got four cans of broth so that I can make it. It should be perfect today. My roommate loves to eat my cooking. I think I should charge her a fee.

So I took the drug test for the job and now I just have to get my new i.d. and social security card so that I can begin being processed. So I have an appointment at the department of motor vehicles tomorrow at 3:30 to get a new i.d. On Wednesday I will apply for my social security card and at the same time change my name back to my maiden name.

I went to a wedding over the weekend and it was kind of fun. It was conducted in Spanish so I was translating everything in my head and trying to figure out if these were the same things said in my wedding. If nothing else, I got to get dressed up. I wanted to catch the bouquet; but we forgot to wait until the bride threw it. Pathetic huh?

We still don't know when we will have to move to a motel so that our building can be tented for termites.

In the book The Golden Vein one assignment is to write 20 things you want to manifest in your life. I can't seem to come up with 20 things. They can be spiritual, material, intellectual, artistic or whatever. This is what I want: A chair for my room, money, a scholarship to UCLA, a feeling of love and belonging in the world, to read a novel, write a play, write another poem, to live without pain, to have more energy and stamina,make new friends, to meet the man of my dreams. So I'm on my way with wishes and desires.

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