October 09, 2007

My significant other is a computer.

OK I picked that up off of yahoo.

I went to therapy on Thursday and it was pretty beneficial to me. I mean who doesn't like being selfish and talking about themselves while someone else listens. So she was getting paid for it; but where else can you gossip and know that it goes nowhere.

So my building has termites. Yeah so we will all be carted off to a hotel soon to stay for a little while. We have no word yet when we will be asked to vacate. I guess the food has to be wrapped up or something.

There was a murder by shot gun outside my apartment building a week ago. My neighbor saw it happen. Well actually she heard the gunshots and then saw these men stuffing this body into the trunk of a car. I guess it was dark. I'm glad no one saw her. It doesn't feel safe here anymore. The neighbors have seen many drug deals outside.

Tonight I am listening to Dead Can Dance. Now I must find Autumn things to do. No more summer concert series or Shakespeare in the Park. Ah well. I want to start doing some crafts now. I really enjoy gourd crafting.

I went to a job interview today. It is a caregiver position. They said I have to take a drug test. I don't think they can discriminate against me with the meds. I wish I didn't have to worry about such a thing. The position is 16 hours a week Saturday and Sunday only. I really hope I get it. It sounds fun.

I went to a church picnic on Saturday and it was fun. It was for my friend's church. Do you think it is kosher for churches to do outreach to the homeless in particular? Because it struck me as kind of funny that they said they did outreach to a homeless couple and then gave them food. I thought well how do you know they don't already have a religion or know God. Isn't that kind of a false idea that simply because you are homeless that you have lost your way with God? It is sort of self-righteous to assume that homeless people need more coaching than others on religion. I asked my friend if they had been given resources on where they could sleep? She said no. That is what they needed most.

On Sunday I went to my friend's house and we went to an Armenian grocery store where she treated me to some very delicious pastries. We got two and split them. We got Tiramisu and almond cake. To die for. I picked up some sweet bread, some nuts with a spicy, hard coating, golden raisens, and some Falafel mix. We started watching Little Miss Sunshine; but we couldn't finish it. I saw it before in the theater and it was really good.

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