October 02, 2007

Chatty Cat

I have been calling this telephone number to meet men since July and have really been meeting some interesting and weird people. I had a guy named Robert tell me on our first date that he had killed someone in a bar room brawl. He said that he had been stalked by a woman he met on the line while he was still married and hadn't yet begun his separation. He isn't the only one I met that was doing that before the divorce. That is pretty creepy if you ask me. This guy is an actor and told me he was going to be on CSI the last time we spoke. I guess a creepy guy for a creepy show.

I met a guy a couple of weeks ago named Benny who asked me too many personal questions. He wanted a little tour of my body over the phone. Freak. He asked to sleep over on the first date so I told him I didn't want to meet him.

I talked to a guy named William who said he has a girlfriend but doesn't mind talking to me on the phone because all relationships should start with friendships. I told him thank you I enjoy being runner up if this thing you are in doesn't work out. I mean duh! Strange. What planet is he living on? Oh and he talks. I mean it is really not like a conversation. It is like a silliloque. I hope I spelled that right; but don't think so. Anyhow I like a guy with a good sense of humor and who laughs. You can tell jokes but be dry as hell. I mean silly is a good thing, right? He asked me to tell him a joke and I thought of the one my friend and I made up that I have put in my blog before. How many schizophrenics does it take to screw in a lightbulb? One and their imaginary friend. But as you can imagine I didn't tell that one.

I had another guy leave me a message to ask what was my most embarrasing moment and I immediately thought of once when I was in the hopsital and I was wearing a cloth gown while my clothes were in the washing machine. I was at the front of the line getting night meds and my gown opened up in front of everyone. That was all I had on. I go oh, sorry I didn't mean to flash you. I didn't even worry about thinking of a presentable story to tell him though because his personal ad mentioned some strange type of party he likes to go to and he was looking for someone to go with. I am getting tired of meeting these so-called normal people.

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