November 14, 2007

Seasonally Strained Strangely Sane

So as the the world turns the seasons have changed and I have begun to feel the blues again. Just about a year ago I was still locked up at metropolitan hospital catching only glimpses of sunshine and dancing on the patio every chance I got. I spent Thanksgiving in the hospital too. This year is a hard because I have no one to spend the holidays with. I know I said that before; but I can't shake the dread of that realization.

My friends are beginning to get the blues too. This is a hard time. Maybe I will get some poetry out soon or hey maybe even a semblance of some story.

I wrote to a guy on craigslist and I liked his photo and he liked mine. The problem was that he is a model and I just got cold feet. I didn't feel adequate. So I am letting this opportunity go.

I am going to visit an old friend tomorrow. She is the one who lives in a board and care. I think it will be fun. It is just that at night I get kind of low on my mood and I can't stand the loneliness.

I turned in a sour survey at my m.h. clinic and wrote duh! when they asked if you had enough money to do fun things. I realized how depressing my life is when it asked if I see family or friends often. (Like every week) It seems that these days it is rare for me to get to see my friends.

They just played run dmc on the radio. It has been so long since I heard that song. That was really nice. I like that song that goes my addidas on the basketball court!

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