November 19, 2007

Otra Vez y Otra Vez

Here I go again spouting off.

Today is Monday and mostly I am just resting after having worked over the weekend. I received my first paycheck on Friday and haven't spent that much yet. I was paid for three days and next time I will be paid for four days. A good deal of my time spent at work is just down time and I watch t.v. I get squirmy with that after an hour or two. On Saturday my client wanted to go recycle her goods and so I pushed her wheelchair with one hand and pulled the cart with the trash behind me. It was a very rediculous sight to see. I kept swerving her chair and I would have to stop and reposition her and let the cart fall behind. Saturday I cleaned her house pretty thoroughly and did her laundry. Sunday she sent me to buy her Taco Bell. I had to take a bus and then walk a mile to reach it. I got a couple of nice compliments on the way though. I got a compliment on my sweater cape and then on my lipstick. I enjoyed being out in the sunshine yesterday because she keeps her apartment dark and doesn't really open the blinds. Sunday there was less to do so I watched 3-4 hours of t.v. I had brought the dvd of Oh Brother Where Art Though and tried to get her to watch it with me; but she didn't seem very interested. I think next weekend I will try to bring books and magazines. Also, I would really like to take my radio with headphones.

The new meeting for people with bipolar never happned because the leader resigned. I am very disappointed and hope that someone will come through and take over.

I am listening to the soundtrack of Almost Famous because I guess I put it on when I am down. I was looking for Fatboy Slim; but came across this and felt it matched my mood better. I have been lying about Thanksgiving when people ask me who I am going to spend it with. I act like I have somewhere to go or whatever but I don't. Tomorrow I am supposed to go to a potluck down the street;but I won't know all the people there. I will go to smart and final in the morning and purchase some frozen mixed fruit and let it thaw. They have big bags of peaches, mangos,honeydew, etc. I think that eventhough for the most part I want to bow out of this I should go because otherwise I won't have any turkey this year.

I colored my hair cherry red and I look quite fabulous. I have gotten rave revues of my hair lately. My hair was auburn when I was younger. I am finally beginning to see a glimmer of hope for my appearance again.

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