November 27, 2007

Squash Casserole For The Masses

I made squash casserole tonight for dinner. It is a huge amount! Anyone wanna come over to share it? If you want the recipe hit me up.

I went to the feast at this other building nearby and it was kind of fun and the food was quite yummy. I got a full plate and then I took a piece of cherry pie home for dessert. Then on Wednesday I went to the clubhouse for their little dinner and saw a few old friends. Thursday my friend Tish invited me to her family's dinner. I had to get up early and get to her house about an hour away and then we were driven by her nieces to their house in The San Bernadino Mountains. It is an hour and a half away from here. So we watched Medea's Family Reunion and I really enjoyed it. We also watched some silly Christmas movie where the guy keeps reliving Christmas day with his ex inlaws. So I had a great time there. I would have been really sad if I had had to spend my day alone.

On Friday I went to get my livescan done for my job (fingerprints). Then I went to see a friend and we went to a store near her house she calls Paris and we had Armenian mushroom pizza and some chocolate mousse cake. Then I met a guy I had met online and it did not go well. He wanted to move much too fast for me. That part really brought me down. I will not be seeing him again.

I went to work on Saturday and did my client's laundry and some cleaning. In the afternoon after everything was done I watched Stranger Than Fiction. I think that is the name. It stars Will Farrell, Dustin Hoffman, Queen Latifah, and Emma Thompson. I loved it! It was so funny! I know I'm a little slow on the uptake seeing it now; but I have wanted to see it since last year when it came out. But there were certain movies I didn't get to see because I was in the hospital.

I am applying for housing in Hollywood. There are some buildings there for disabled people and I might be able to get permanent housing that way. I might only get a studio though. I faxed an application to one today and will go apply in person to another agency tomorrow. I guess I am going to bite the bullet and leave the area where I have resided for twenty-two years now. Hollywood is only a mountain away from my friends though.

Shame Shame Shame on me for buying a whole pumpkin pie all for me. Ok I will eat it slowly. I have already had it for one week.

Oh yeah, how could I forget? I went to church with my client last weekend and the pastor said the exact same thing as the last time we went. It turned my stomach too. It was about the rapture and you know the second coming of Christ and he spoke about the theory that we are supposed to accept as fact where everyone except for Christians are going to be killed. He especially kept referring to Jews who don't convert. He kept saying that people who do not accept Christ will perish. He believes that there will be another holocaust. He found many references to these ideas in The Bible. I was ready to barf after an hour or so of this talk. I don't like her church.

So I started thinking of looking into my Jewish side and going to Temple. I mean honestly there must be another way to worship God. I have never been to Temple; but I could start.

I decided to go to Texas to visit my folks on New Years Eve. I want to go on Monday and return on Friday so that I can go to work on Saturday.

I will get a half a day off on Saturday or Sunday this week because my client will celebrate her birthday at Disneyland. I will enjoy my day off. Maybe it will be on Sunday and I can go shopping with a friend.

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