November 28, 2007

Cup O' Pee

Today they said pee in a cup
test for drugs
lab in a box
the door
you don't lock
she said
I have to watch
as the urine flows into the cup
she said
you must do as we say

Terror Horror
flew into rage
memories of childhood
Heather, spread your legs
so I can check
what is between there

Privacy doesn't matter
you are reduced to an animal

Heather don't wear so much clothing to sleep in
or I will take it off of you by force
footsteps approach
the door
I am attempting to sleep
but the nightmare
walks in and a physical struggle ensues

If I had had a gun

So this nazi bitch
social worker
says spread it and pee
I want to see
she sets me back
20 years of therapy
but I deserve safety

I am homeless
this action was a travesty

Do you see what I see?

I see Hypocracy.

I smell a scandal.

So I wrote this today because they did a drug test here at my transitional living this morning and Karen the social worker demanded to watch everyone pee into the cup. Apparently this is common for doing these surprise drug tests to ensure that no one cheats and uses some method of disguising there drugs in their urine. I told her that in no uncertain terms would I pee in front of her. She demanded to inspect the bathroom to see if I had anything hidden in there and I then locked the door and went into the cup. I understand that a lot of people actually allowed her to leave the door open in the bathrooms. I am so disgusted by this activity that I REALLY want to move and need to move now. They tested everyone in the entire building. What a waste of their money and my self esteem.

I called Client's rights and they told me that this was probably illegal and that I should call state licensing to see if they re licensed. I tried to reach them today; but the on duty worker did not return my call yet. I will try back tomorrow.

My therapist who is supposed to act as my advocate said that they were following protocol. So I will probably fire her. I went to see her yesterday and she cut our session short by 15 minutes. What a load of crap.

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