February 26, 2004

Caretakers Must Not Get Ill or Upset with the Behavior of Your Loved One

Hello to all, this is a note to all of you who have loved ones or who have to deal with schizoprehenia. It is not easy regardless. Two days ago, at fifteen minutes to seven when I am on my way out of the door, my father calls. He is not making much sense in what he is saying but I am listening nevertheless. He is talking about blood tests and other subjects. He knows that I am busy with college, laundry, have health problems, car problems, mental health situations, physical health problems and I have financial limitations. He is not making clear as to what he wants. He really is playing the role of a tall child. I don't know what to do at this point but to pray. There is plenty on this website for those who have this disorder or challenge to read, but he is not interested in reading this information, taking medicine or going to appointments. However, he will end up in the hospital and I am not going to visit him unless I am up to it. Right now, I am experiencing illness, as I am typing this I am tired, I want to lay down but I have a lot of reading to do but guess what? When I finish typing this, I the daughter of a father with schizophrenia will lay down and watch television for at least an hour. It is now 8 pm in the evening and I am surprised that the Darvocet does not have me asleep. There are a lot of things on my bed, but the books, clothes and etc. will have to share the bed with me until I have the strength to move them. You see, everyone, when you are tired, you must rest, you cannot allow another human being to wear you down, because you will be dead and gone and they will still be around and doing the same things that they are doing now that you have no control over. Five nights ago, I was up all night because I slept in the early evening; however, I must develop a bedroom ritual, go to bed about the same time every evening and prepare the night before for college like I generally do. I love my father and I have such a fear that the "voices" are haunting him but he is a grown man and he knows when it is time to go to the hospital. I cannot deal with him and this paranoia. It may be real to him and I know that it is not reality. I cannot tell him that though. He does not want to hear about medication; he makes excuses about Abilify and 'Aricept makes his legs hurt. He knows how to tell the doctor. If he can play the lottery tickets being on a fixed income, fixes his own food and pays his own bills, he can take care of his medication needs. If he keeps this up, I am going to have his medical team have the PACT team come to his apartment and administer his medication. That can be done. If I can't talk about it with him, they can definitely either give it to him or hospitalize him involuntarily. So, if any one of you have a loved one that is trying to get on your nerves purposely or getting on your nerves not purposely, do not let it happen, you have no control over anyone else's behavior. That includes a family member. If anyone of you have schizophrenia, take your medicine, please try to stay up-to-date with the disorder and take care of yourself to the very best of your ability. Please try not to play mental mind games. It will come back to haunt you. Please be true to yourself. Until next time, please take care, all of you. (From A Daughter 45)

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