March 02, 2004

Father turns 69 years old

It is truly a blessing when we live to see another year. My father, despite not taking his medicine, turned 69 yesterday. I hope between the age of 69 through 70, he sees the need to take his mediine. I did go by and see him today, spent quality time with him and I had a couple of appointments to go for myself to keep me going. I cannot help my father unless I help myself. For those of you who have some form of schizophrenia, please take your meds regardless of how you personally feel about it. Discuss your feelings and side effets with your doctor. Get your excercise, even if it means to take a walk. I encourage my father to do the same. Always remember:Schizophrenia is a brain disease, not you! Goonight! I have a 6:30 train to take and it is 1:00 am in the morning. I care for all of you and I want to share. See you in a few days....A daughter in New Jersey ( I am learning a lot about schizophrenia not only from the experiences with my father ; also at the univeristy in the psychology courses. I have to help my father more, dementia is getting worse)

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