July 13, 2004

It Does Not Get Any Better

Good evening. It is good to return to the site here and share whatever information I may have with you. This evening I don't have very much to say; however I will return to you on Wednesday after my physical therapy session. My father is still in a non-compliant state and that is the way things are at present.. It simply does not get any better as one gets older, especially when uncooperative. At this time, note that I must continue to restrict my visits and phone calls with him so that I can maintain a steady diet of good health mentally and physically for myself. I am finishing up a few courses, taking care of my medical condition and trying to maintain a healthy balance for myself. I have done all that I could for my father up until this point. If for some reason he decides to go back on the medications, resume psychotherapy on a regular basis and see the psychiatrist as scheduled, then he is taking a great step in geting better for himself. To the contrary, as long as he is not compliant, exhibiting all of the symptoms of paranoia to the extreme, unstabilized and unreasonable, then I must limit my time and energies with him. This is something that family members of consumers with this medical illness must understand. The ill family member annot be pacified. They made a choice; therefore you must make a choice. Until next time, take care and once again it is good to be back and to share with you the truth about matters relating to schizophrenia.

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