February 28, 2006

A Cell Phone????? Oh me, Oh my!

Hello and it is good to return. I am extremely busy with school; however I do try to return if only for a brief visit. I have four classes at present and I hardly have time for myself to enjoy a movie or some other activiity. I have to make the time.

My dad is still not cooperative. He is really in a manic state as well as one of paranoia. He needs his meds like I need my Ebony drawing pencils to draw for my art class. He is associating with persons who are so unhealthy; they are not helping him to get better. Oh, but I am the daughter and he is the father and he knows best, right? Wrong!

If a loved one of yours is suffering from paranoid schizophrenia and they refuse to take their meds, it is on them. However, if they are still willing to get the necessary treatment and assistance, please work with them.

My father has a cell phone for he has let his telephone get into a disconnected status. Imagine a man of seventy-one years old and talking and dealing on a cell phone. His illness does not help at all for he has a hard time dealing with the reality of matters. That cell phone bill has to be paid each month, has minutes that he has to keep an account of and it is his responsibility.

Well, until next time stay well, be encouraged and help one another in the fight of schizophrenia. Keep perusing this site of schizophrenia.com for it is a good one. For bipolar disorder, check out www.bipolarfocus.com.

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Posted by sharon at February 28, 2006 05:30 AM


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