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December 17, 2005

Mental Illness Is Not A Joke

If anybody thinks that mental illness is a game, I am here to say that it is not. Time after time in this writing, I speak about how important it is to take the prescribed meds. I am losing my father to this nonsense. It is no joke. This man is lost. I said this man. I don't know him like this. I don't need mania. I don't want it but I could see it in him-BIG TIME! People are taking advantage of him, he is gambling big time and owes everybody in the book, so to speak.

You would think that a highly intelligent man who is seventy years of age would know better than to geting involved with all types of persons and this is all because he has been off of the meds for over two years. Some of you who are reading this with schizoaffective, schizophrenia or bi-polar disorder-if you think you can go for a long period of time without your meds for whatever reason, you are fooling yourself. Keep on fooling yourself, regardless of your age you are goimg to suffer in time. I see my father going downhill right before my eyes and there is nothing that I can do to shield him from the consequences of his behavior. This is what he chooses for himself, I did not do the choosing. Therefore, I am not responsible for the harm that nay come upon him as a result thereof. I live around people that need help in that way. Some of them are dual-diagnosed. Yet, they are among the smartest folk you know. They know how to use people, tell lies, outsmart people(or so they think) like a snake, all dressed up with no place in which to go. Sometimes I see this in my dad and I don't like it. He has become just like some of these modern-day crackheads that surround me. It does not matter about the age. He has health needs that need to be addressed like his foot, which he will not take care of. He needs surgery on that foot and will not get it. Okay, when the foot turns gangrene, than whose fault is it? The point I am making here is that mental illness is no joke. You are no longer responsible for yourself if you continue to go without the meds. And no one else is going to be responsible for you, either. Take your meds! I am closing for you to have a good holiday, in whatever way you should celebrate.


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