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January 03, 2006

New Yahoo Group Formed-Schizosupport@yahoogroups.com

Hi Family, friends and loyal supporters of those with schizophrenia. I have started a new yahoo group for those who want to express their feelings, hurts, encouraging words, poetry, wisdom, insight or just share. This place will be a safe haven against the inner and outer turmoil that we sometimes feel trying to assist our family members and friends. We wsnt to encourage all of those family members who take their meds to continue. Please go to schizosupport@yahoogroups.com and join the group.


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Symptoms of a Crackhead

I hate to sound like this but my father seems like he is on crack cocaine. Yes, you heard me right. He has the symptoms, the actions, even the appearance. When I see my father downtown, he is a sight for sore eyes to see. Pure hell. He never has any money now like he used to in the past. He is still gambling and I hope that he does not get hurt in any way. People don't play when it comes to drug, gambling, and money.

Then I got word that the young gal is still using him. The mixed breed she is and I guess he feels that she is pretty. Well she is pretty in the sense that she is still using him. How dumb can he get? He has bought her Victoria Secret gear and also written her love letters. She is sitting in the bar with other men and he walks in. He must realize that he does not own her. It is said that he stalks her.

How did my father get this way? Do you want me to sound like a broken record? Well, I will not. Take your meds, for those of you with schizophrenia please. Those who are supporting family members with the disease, please encourage them to take their meds. They will only get worse if they don't.


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