April 09, 2004

Radical union meeting

We had a radical union meeting tonight. It went well. We did a lot of deciding things. We have oral reports but not very long. We tend to discuss things a lot. It is not like group therapy but it is like it too because we sit in a circle and talk. I bring my laptop to keep minutes on but another worker actually typed them tonight.

I am getting an advance cheque for my web master work. I have a few tasks planned for this 16 hours of work and may begin some of the email work for that tonight/this morning. Also the web site I am building may need a redesign so the colours work better. I would like to try to design for the colour blind as well. I know the blind can read this site as this design has been checked by at least one blind person in another web site I built.

Posted by petert at April 9, 2004 01:21 AM