April 09, 2004

Fellow Union member is a freindly normy

J is very friendly and has been a great non disciminatory friend. He has no mental illness and we only get together at the union meetings and protests. Last night he told me he had gotten a Blackberry and joked that he was trying to out gadget me. He said he had also gotten a very modern digital video camera.

I worry that I am too into gadgets and ignore people too much. But I am also a people person and the technology sure makes me a more effcient person.

I was thinking of getting us a video camera but I don't think we would really use it much. My wife does not like being photographed so much. The other day I used my digital camera indoors to take pictures of the cat. I then emailed them to friends and family and was told that the camera was not taking very good pictures.

I am going to email a different J a tune my brother wrote and performed and sent to me Wednesday night. She is also a normy and invited me to a school event on May day.

But back to J. He makes an effort to help the poor and not discriminate against us. Things like body oder and other things some people find offensive in poor people he has told me he knows not to say things or react to in a negative way. He does get a little depressed and has taken some Zyban for his smoking.

V can also be very positive and upbeat and he has depression sometimes. R is not always positive in tone and he must have a more serious depression as he has actually been in treatment. R is schizo-affective in diagnosis. Oh well it is strange to look throught the lens of mental illness at all one's friends. No harm meant if any of my friends are reading this. You're all great people to know and hang out with.

Posted by petert at April 9, 2004 09:19 AM