April 09, 2004

worked on the holidays

I don't have any teaching work right now. Nor do I have any security work scheduled for awhile. I need the holidays to be free from the constraint of work pressures.

I emailed the other R with my web work report today. I worked for an hour this morning on the web site for our self help network organisation.

But that's it for today tomorrow is another day. I am going to sleep in a couple of hours at the end of a normal morning. I hope to awake around dinner time.

I will do more web work tomorrow morning in the wee hours again.

My next work related activities will be Tuesday when I will interview job candidates for the union.

I am doing well with all this free time. Just reading and relaxing for hours on end. I have been reading more about computers. I am also reading anti-terrorism stuff for my law courses and of course this helps in my security work too. Life makes sense these days and work does make work sense.

Posted by petert at April 9, 2004 09:27 AM