April 10, 2004

Still taking vitamins

I started this vitamin regime in 1980 at the advise of a private psychiatrist after he had me read Mark Vonnegut's Eden Express. I was a big Kurt Vonnegut reader before this but rarely read him after that. I was confused about reading in those days and confused sexually too. I was also confused as a writer and math problem solver and proof writer. The only thing I could do right in those days was eat, sleep, and do accurate data entry.

I continued the vitamin therapy for about a year and when I discontinued had trouble with the criminal law. No one was hurt or anything stolen but I probably made people afraid and my brother came to view me as unpredictable and possibly violent. I restarted the vitamins again after my rehab program around 1990 when the socialists got into power and funded our self help groups and have been taking them steady as far as I can remember for a few years now. They seem to relax my body when I take them. Sure I flush up and get itchy with the niacin but it seem to improve my concentration.

Between 1989-1995 I knew two other people from our self group with schizophrenia who also took vitamin therapy. One of them G seemed obessesd with vitamins and has since died. The other fellow was a patient representitive on the Canadian Schizophrenia Society Research Committee and really pushed the vitamin therapy at us but failed to show certain social traits and solidarity that I felt were needed in recovery. Recovery is more than pills.

Posted by petert at April 10, 2004 07:18 AM