April 17, 2004

Computer studies

I spent about 6 hours yesterday with an 486 computer. I don't need to do this computer work but felt I was learning something useful. I also learned a lot about Linux software this way.

I was also near the end of the week able to do two more hours of my telework job web mastering for the self help network. My pay cheque is in the mail now for that work.

I bid on a number of different PCMCIA cards at ebay. I think this may be a dated statment but I have always liked minaturized electronics. I will spend some time this Saturday night/Sunday morning working on computers and perhaps studying code.

One of my friends M has been suspected of having schizophrenia but decided against treatment years ago. He told me I should send less email to him and his friends and spend more time reading about software code. He is sort of a cranky right wing kind of guy. Not a crank per say just cranky. We disagree on the views of society we have. We can still get along socially and joke around quite a bit. He is no boss. He is a former student of my school.

Posted by petert at April 17, 2004 11:26 PM