April 18, 2004

Journal writing

I have read a few books including self help books, spiritual books and activist books that suggest keeping journals. In self help and activism one needs to keep these journals secret that is personal journals.

On the newsgroup alt.support.schizophrenia some of the posters study computer cryptography to make secret diaries. I started a yahoo group for those of us who fit in the intersection of being posters to alt.support.schizophrenia and study cryptograhy. We did not get anywhere with that Yahoo group.

I spend some time this week writing in pen and ink in a daily journal of activities. I also do my accounts with pen and ink everyday. Besides pen and ink using loose leaf binders and agenda books I keep logs in computers and on-line in blogs. I have two other blogs but I won't share them here as I am trying to remain at least slightly unknown here.

This blog has had over 1500 visitors now. Enjoy reading I know I enjoy writing and reading.

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