April 22, 2004

About a week goes by without vitamins

I don't usually do this... report medications use on the Internet in public. Many people I know only as other Internet users in other words virtual associates or other consumers I only know in virtual reality, report there quitting medications or starting them or whatever. I find that too like crisis reporting too personal and never really like to respond as I am not a doctor and medications are serious business. I do often share my knowledge of medications when people put the question like "What is this or that drug like?" "Can this drug be used by pregnant women? etc..

But I am not a medical professional far from it. Mainly because my marks at school in science were not always the best even though I have a degree in statistics and the graduate program at our school in statistics has a bio statistics option. But I am no doctor. Besides I used to get along better with computers and musical instruments and in some ways me studying law is like many people who become lawyers I am a failed doctor.

Now my post after that long winded disclaimer. I have not had my vitamins for about a week now because of our finances. Vitamins for me are sometimes an extra in our budget. As they are not a proven therapy they are an extra. I still get most of my vitmains from our lacto-vegetarian diet. Last week we bought 100$ worth of groceries rather than me spend say 12$ on vitmains for a couple of weeks.

I feel a little less stressed out without vitamins but that is probably a result of huge amounts of sleep I have had recently and not having very much work to do, either school work which is extremely stressful or any paid work which is only a major time constraint in one job.

Like studying at school, work at school is very deadline oriented. My security work is time constrained too but once one is at work it is not all that stressfull.

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