April 23, 2004

Scored well in legal research course

Well I got my grade for my legal research course. I did alright and there is nothing really to worry about with my grade. It wasn't quite what I was expecting but still a great mark. It did not bring my average down much at all because it was the same as my average which was a few tenths of letter grade higher before this course. But I had hoped for higher.

My other law course has its final exam on Monday. It will be an open book exam and I have printed out my notes for this course and put them all in a three ring binder about a week ago. I have reviewed all the notes a few times now. Now I am just re-reading the course casebook. I am not too worried about the exam. I will know what to do and should do better with the exam than I have done on my consumer law exam. There is also a little room for opinion and new law writing ideas as there are two policy questions, and this is after all a new area of law. So I will need to form my opinions based on legal issues and sub issues. I am hopeing to also score well on this exam.

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