April 29, 2004

Just taking my meds hope to sleep soon

My medications are slightly sedating. I take them only before going to sleep. I generally take them at 11 PM but this is changed if I stay up through the next morning. I only take 6 mg per day of risperadol.

I have participated in tests into injectable risperadol where I was also checked for heart disease and diabetes. The measurments taken during this experiment were sent via modem to London UK.

There was another experimental drug I was offered which would fix my sexual disfunction I chose not to participate as this problem was not serious.

I am preparing for emergencies and purchased five flashlights of different types including solar and head worn flashlights. My wife and I each have pocket first aid kits that can be attached to belts. I also have family St. John's kit that has almost never been used, but has been ready on numerous intercity bus and car trips, as well as, being around the house for years. I also have a home made kit which I carry in my knapsack. We also have two medicine cabinets with various drugs and ointments. We have an electronic temperature measurement device and also a glucometer. I guess all we need now is a stethoscope and blood pressure cuff.

We also have an anatomoy colouring book, two or three first aid books, books on the brain and diet, a book on sexuality, and various periodicals on schizophrenia. I also have book for communicating medical information to people with low literacy abilities.

Besides these books I have a small ten to twenty book shelf of books for each of the basic university subject areas. I have also specialist literatures for Geography, Law and Math, Natural Sciences and Sociology. I have bought these books from book stores, book clubs, second hand book stores including charity shops and I have also for the past 6 years bought books on-line most at Amazon.

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