April 29, 2004

Talked to M yesterday at the self help group

I phoned for S at the self help group to see when I might be needed to fill in for her with the network for self help groups. I might have to attend a meeting as her alternate. This network is growing and developing. I am making the network's web site and this work is going well. I did four hours on Tuesday morning and 2 hours Wednesday afternoon. Instead of S I talked to M. S was out at a conference.

I have known M for about 14 years now. I don't think M and I have ever met in a private home. I met him in evening sports at the local major psych-hospital. Because I had been imagining my dad's long time collegue during my psychosis in 1989 and 1988, and making up things about him I knew I had to deal with that 14 years ago when I was locked in a back ward. I thought then of M as related to me as J is to my dad. Of course, this algebra of relations never really worked out that way. M and I are only coworkers in a limited way and only this year is that true. Technically by being on the board of directors of M's workplace the self help group I have been M's boss. But I have never profited financially from this relationship nor hired or fired any one at that workplace/self help group.

Yesterday on the phone, I talked to M about the new creative writers group they have at the self help group. I shared some resources with him. I told him about my wife's project and my own and how we are doing this book publishing. He has printed an entry in the groups newsletter this month about the schizophrenia section of www.meetups.com that I started. There are only 12 members world wide of this section of meetups but as M said yesterday maybe it will catch on.

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