May 05, 2004

We had a strange day here

My wife was feeling under the weather but improved when she got an email from an old primary school friend she hasn't seen in 20 years. I typed her reply for her.

My dad had some surgery today and is fine and should be home by Thursday or Friday.

My brother is still watching old films. These two gentlemen will pay for my summer school.

I gave some friends a cardboard cat carrier after they loaned us theirs. So I bought two new ones and gave them one.

My mom is out of town visiting her old friend who yes in the 50's or 60's was diagnosed with schizophrenia along with her second husband. They left England and settled here in response to this. They raised three children together and N from her first marriage.

N's mom was good friends with my mom from the late sixties on. They often would visit each other two or three times a year even though they were very far away. We actually shared a house for a little while when my mom had studied for her English and History degree.

N has been charged with assualt before for strangling a psychotic person in the emergency room where N was the doctor. I go on about N and was engulfed with his personality early on in my schizophrenia career or in my twenties. I have seen him about once per decade since then. N is raising two young boys now a days.

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