May 05, 2004

Various happenings few friends calling

I have been busy this week arranging my summer courses which means I am busy on the computer or with books or with the phone calling people at school. No one has really called me except for E. R has been quiet since Saturday or so. W also called me on Saturday at least he is still alive. Turns out W is not good at paying his debits.

M ran the writing workshop on Monday. I spoke with S today and she says I am free this Friday and do not need to attend the out of town meeting of the self help group's network.

T answered the phone at the self help group and he does not have schizophrenia but I think he has some addictions issues. He volunteers as a receptionist at the self help group. I am friendly with him when we meet at the self help group but again we have never met in a private environment only public.

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