May 05, 2004

Lecturer S invited me to a conference

My professor from last winter's course in Information legal issues has invited me to a conference this week. I will have to miss the green party meeting this week to attend the keynote address. This conference could be 2 hours on Thursday night for the keynote and wine and cheese, at which, of course I won't drink, but will eat. Then two day time periods of sessions, Friday and Saturday. I don't have any scheduled work so can go to these. The conference is on globalisation and power and the analysis of this. It is put on by our department of Political Economy by graduate students in that department. It should be fasinating and I will try to attend the whole thing.

I have a workshop next week that is three days long at the other university in town. This workshop is in math and covers shape optimisation. This will be my first advanced math workshop. Feeling like John Nash, I am.

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