May 24, 2004

10 years on-line this year

While the schizophrenia society of Canada celebrates 25 years of existence this year I have been involved with the schizophrenia society for 15 years now.

My internet use is ten years old now. I would say just from school work alone it has been very helpful to have the Internet. All students at our school are now expected to register for courses using the web. This new computer networked environment is making big changes still. I won't say that it has helped my real life social life but my work life and school life have been greatly helped and in some ways socially people are expected to use the Internet now. I first went on-line with a Freenet in June 1994. I was just finding an unrecipricated obsession with my musical partner and had a sexual partner for the first time in 15 years the previous year. I was winding down my punk rock band. I was out of school and just starting on the road to recovery. I had owned only one printer at that point. I used an IBM XT computer and 2400 baud modem to connect to usenet and email. By 1995 I had quit street drugs and started to develop my web site The birth of this web site happened the day after I quit pot smoking. For years I only talked mental health in email and on usenet. My mention of mental health issues on the web had to wait until I did the semiofficial home page for the usenet newsgroup in about 1998. Now I do a schizophrenia blog at

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