June 09, 2004

4 more hours today for 66 hours now

This is stressfull. Up at 2 PM yesterday then up all night until about 4 PM today. I realise this is working within my symptoms so is experimental. Some suggest we will be hospitalised if we don't get enough rest.

I write some more of my paper and checked with a disabilities counselor about it. I also emailed the instructor about it. I have gotten permission to use a projector for the laptop at school on Thursday and my presentation is done now. I completed it in about an hour last night then spend an hour or two perfecting the colours of the writing and testing the print out and also preparing to take the file to school today to print handouts. I prepared it with Open Office a free office suite that is interoperatible with Microsoft Office. You can find it here www.openoffice.org.

I also attended my lecture last night and borrowed books from the library. I also then had to read these books. That reading was relaxing.

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