June 09, 2004

Not working much this week.

I worked as I said for two hours on Monday and then on Tuesday night helped L with his monitor and he paid me half an hour's wage. Otherwise I have no work this week. On Friday, I am scheduled for four hour's of CPR retraining for work. On Saturday I work selling my wife's book which is our private business attempt. On Saturday evening I volunteer at a children's hospital fund raising BBQ. So just school work for the rest of the week, generally besides the above and maybe helping with the newspapers.

I have been working on the computers around here for about 5 hours now minus some newspaper and school book reading. I read something about HIV, something about Bruno Latour's view of reality and something about where computer crime is at and heading. I need to chill out on the couch a bit my wife is up and washing the dishes I didn't wash. I did wash most of the dishes but left her some too. I am taking a break now.

Posted by petert at June 9, 2004 10:14 AM


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