June 10, 2004

relaxed and ready to go

I woke up a little unstable on my feet but am now totally relaxed after some morning computing and getting our income statement ready to mail to the government. I have checked my email and there is a fair amount of volunteer tasks that need to be looked at and responded too. This means a few more emails and telephone calls this morning and then I need to write a newspaper article abut working and disablities but I am only adapting a piece I wrote once before for our consumer group's newsleter.

I have my handouts printed for my presentation tonight. While doing the printouts at the library I had a nice chat with the library worker H. She has an MA in sociology and her BA in law and sociology. She also helped me with the printer jam in the machine. We chatted about university programs. I told her I had been able to write about computers in four law courses and she said quite truthfully that that would not have been possible ten years ago.

I have my slide show ready for tonight.

I also have some ideas now from a writing tutor for rewriting my term paper. I hope to get started on that today or instead just doing organizing and reading today and otherwise take the day off until my class and presentation tonight.

I also had a nice chat with a student I was tutoring who is about to become a father. We talked about parenting styles. It seems we are soon going to have father's day.

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