June 24, 2004

I bought a few things on-line yesterday morning

I have been reading about cybercrime. I guess I should know how to protect myself from on-line fraud. I have never really been the victim of an on-line money crime. I have faced a lot of hatred and aggressiveness in on-line speech. This has mostly been speech I have chosen to read on Usenet.

I got my work done for this week for the TA job. I have or may not be working on this job next week. Actually I am not sure if I will be needed to proctor the mid-term but I will be marking it next week. I will probably pick up the mid-term papers on Thursday or Wednesday night. Then once those are marked I have to give tutorial on Monday the 6th and then continuing with tutorials every Monday until mid August. Those are easy enough to give although it will require that I do statistics problems and read the textbook. I will not have another assignment to mark until near the middle of July.

I have no security work scheduled right now.

I am helping out with the newspaper today and yesterday and then Saturday.

I have had no web mastering work in about a month now.

I bought a cell phone case from Bell Canada at their web site. The shipping was free. Also I bought my first video camera because the store dropped its price by 200$. So I am paying 236$ including shipping and taxes for a Bell and Howell digital video, still and PC camera. I have movie editing software on at least two computers. I hope this shopping was safe. I need to make a trip to the local department store to pick up some shopping I did last month on-line.

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