June 25, 2004

School is out I feel great

I feel great having completed another law course. I have not felt stressed all night except when helping R shop for a network hub for his xbox. I was chatting with him on-line using yahoo messenger.

I looked on the web at the University of Illinois on-line computer MCS program just now and a few hours ago.

I could apply to law school this fall and should get that process started but actually law school as I explained to my dad last night would not be a good idea for me and I find that with the hidden job market out there picking something classical like being a lawyer is not really a good idea.

I am at the point where I can decide to stop my law studies at this point with a three year degree completed or I can continue studying in this undergraduate program and complete a four year honours degree. While this may seem like a great achievment for someone with chronic schizophrenia it is I think a typically type of happening for a great number of people these days.

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