July 25, 2004

Need a day off

I got some marking done over night this morning. I am about half way through the marking. I might have an hour or two to work on it this afternoon. I did not quite make my marking goal this morning. Instead, I relaxed with my pen and ink journal some coffee and cigarettes. I also checked out the math department home page and find we can apply now for work for this coming school year. The on-line application form is available now.

I am just waiting for my students call on the phone in any minute and then I am meeting him at a local store for 9 am. I am going to try to get us to study for four hours today. I am also supposed to work with this student on Monday morning. He says he has fun studying with me compared to school assigned tutors. I am working with a different student on Tuesday. I might plan to take Wednesday off work.

Posted by petert at July 25, 2004 07:55 AM


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